How it All Started

Phase Two opened it’s doors in late 2017.  It started out as a rough concept to specific questions: Where do entrepreneurs and creatives land once they finish school and/or their accelerator program, or just grow out of their home office? If phase one is where the help starts. Phase Two is where the support continues.

What We Do

We actively work to get to know our members and their businesses in order to help them reach the next level. When our members succeed, we succeed.

Who We Are

We are a curated coworking space for tech, media, and entertainment. We are an event space for diverse groups to convene. We are an educational facility for those eager to learn. We are a screening room for art enthusiasts. We are a space where entrepreneurs, technologists, creators and makers, come to work, mingle and grow. We are [Your] Phase Two.

A Better Experience

We provide thoughtful design, leading coworking and studio amenities to help your business and projects succeed. Join our supportive community of creatives that want to move the needle and build an exciting future.

What Sets Us Apart

We believe that the mingling of tech, media and entertainment elevates stories and ideas, and we are building a community where ambitious creators in these fields can work, play, grab a coffee or beer. We hate the word “network,” but we think great things come when smart, hard working people gather under the same roof.  We are that roof, and are building a bustling, collaborative community. We want to support you as your ideas reach the next phase.

Meet the Founders

A family-run business with years of experience.



Dan is a dreamer. After obtaining his MFA for Film Producing from Chapman University’s prestigious film program, Dan previously worked at Relativity media and was Producer on the 2015 film, Cassius Ali.

Now a veteran of the Film industry Dan began to wonder if there was a better approach to collaborative creative experiences. Observing that each film production was a modular group of moving parts, he understood the need for flexible creative and administrative spaces to accommodate his peers.

From Dan’s perspective, businesses most need help during their “Phase Two” of business development. To him this was a stage where companies begin structuring their future scalability. This idea motivated Dan to began working with Peter to begin to develop a space where hospitality, community, and technology truly connect. This became the aptly named, Phase Two Space.



Peter is a real estate veteran who manages investments in multi-family residential, and a mixture of used commercial and commercial real estate located in Canada and the US. He is the President of Pastewka Family Holdings.

A firm believer in new technology, He oversees an investment portfolio of US-based start-ups and developed businesses involved in industries including 3D scanning and printing; SaaS software; virtual reality; augmented reality; cryptocurrencies; blockchain; chatbots; space technologies; artificial intelligence; and other frontier industries.

As a Co-founder of Phase Two, He takes brings his knowledge of business development and investment infrastructure to space. Peter has focused on the enrichment of the community and in helping Phase Two Partners succeed. Phase Two partners are encouraged to engage with Peter and the Phase Two team to help find solutions to problem areas in their business development cycle.