How it All Started

Phase Two began nearly two years ago.  It started out as a fuzzy concept and broad question: What do entrepreneurs and creatives do once they have left the safe harbors of school, home and the accelerator program?  Whether they’ve been at it for a year or fifteen years, wouldn’t it be nice to create a space and community where these people can help each other out?  We thought so.  And so, Phase Two was born.

What We Do

We provide coworking and studio space to our members, and our members build our community.  Our in-house and third party relationships facilitate our members’ businesses, projects and personal growth.  We are [your] Phase Two.  Whatever that next phase means to you.

Who We Are

We are a curated coworking space for tech, media, and entertainment.  We are an event space for diverse groups to convene.  We are studio space with the benefits of a community.  We are an educational facility for those eager to learn.  We are a screening room for art enthusiasts. We are a tech hub with an appreciation for platforms and scale.  We are a space where entrepreneurs, technologists, creators and makers, come to work, mingle and play.  We are [Your] Phase Two.

A Better Experience

We provide incredible design, leading coworking and studio amenities to help your business and projects succeed. Join a down to earth and supportive community of creators and doers that want to move the needle and build an exciting future.

What Sets Us Apart

We believe that the mingling of tech, media and entertainment elevates stories and ideas, and we are building a community where ambitious creators in these fields can work, play, grab a coffee or beer. We hate the word “network,” but we think great things come when smart, hard working people gather under the same roof.  We are that roof, and are building a bustling, collaborative community. We want to support you as your ideas reach the next phase.

Meet the Founders

A family run business with years of experience.