Covid-19 Guidelines

Updated: 7.01.21

Health and safety are of utmost importance to us, want to tell you about the significant actions we have taken to help safeguard your health and safety while visiting our space.


All Phase Two staff, members, and guests are required to wear protective masks upon entering the space and while occupying all common areas.  We will provide you with a disposable mask if you find yourself without one.

Social Distancing

We have followed all mandated requirements and have made extensive upgrades so that everyone can maintain proper social distancing while working at Phase Two:

i) Directional walking paths

Using wayfinding signage, we have created directional walking paths that will greatly increase the social distancing spacing as you travel throughout the facility. We will require that everyone only travel in the direction of the arrow decals affixed on the floor and yield at every designated spot where you must be mindful of cross-traffic with other members.


ii) Change in layout design

We have added desks in the common areas of the facility to allow you the option to work outside of your offices with safe distancing.

iii) Change in occupancy levels  

We have changed the occupancy levels for each office (with no additional cost to you) and will work with our members to place everyone safely within the space.  While available, extra offices will be permitted to be used by members to ensure social distancing is maintained.  Most boardrooms have been converted into additional work areas to allow for additional safe distancing.

iv) Single-seat lounges

We have changed the configuration of our lounge areas to eliminate seating that does not comply with social distancing requirements and have set-up single seat lounge and relaxation areas.

v) Furniture

We are examining furniture alternatives and additions that will assist you with maintaining safe distancing and other health protocols while you work within Phase Two.

Air Quality

a) Outdoor air circulation

We believe that we are very fortunate to be able to allow large quantities of outdoor air circulate within Phase Two (weather permitting).  We will be closely examining the air circulation within Phase Two and, particularly, our ability to use our garage doors to maximize outdoor air within Phase Two.


We are reviewing how we use our heating and air conditioning systems.

c) Filters

We are investigating the use of commercial and home-grade air filter systems that may be effective against Covid-19.  If recommendations come to our attention, we will inform you.

Sanitizing Stations

We have placed convenient sanitization stations that will be supplied with both disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer throughout the facility (availability assumed).

Rigorous Sanitizing Procedures

We are performing rigorous sanitizing throughout all areas of Phase Two on a daily basis.

Self-check Health Monitoring

We have equipped both reception desks with self-check health monitoring devices to assist in your personal care and peace of mind.

Touchless Surfaces

Unfortunately, for the time being, we will be discontinuing the use of appliances that require touch. This will include the microwave and toaster ovens, keg taps, ice machine, refrigerator/freezer. 

We ask that you bring and keep your own food and drink in your possession in a cooler or another type of device.  If you want us to order you a small fridge or cooler for you and your office (your cost), please advise.

Disposable Tableware

If requested, we are providing disposable, single-use tableware (plates, bowls, cups, and utensils) as an alternative to our ceramic dishes.

Phone Booths

We are currently limiting the use of the phone booths.  We need to fully understand the risks of multiple users of these spaces and how to deal with them.


We have posted signs throughout the space to remind everyone to be aware of symptoms, observe social distancing, wash their hands and use disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer often, and frequently clean personal workspaces.

Guests to Phase Two

We will continue to welcome your guests and visitors to Phase Two.  All guests are required to check in and provide relevant personal information (e.g. name, email and phone number) to allow us to be in contact with that person if a need arose.  Further, your guests and visitors will be required to adhere to all new rules as outlined here.  Members are responsible for supervision of guests and visitors and their compliance with all health and safety protocols.

Mail Service/Courier Service (incoming)

We will be delivering mail to your new mail slot located at the front of the building.  Courier packages will also be left in a designated area within the mail room for you to pick-up.  Only one person is allowed in the mail room at a time.  If you wish to leave your mail for a few days in the mail slot, that is fine.  There will be minimal touching of any incoming item.  It will be restricted to the mail carrier or courier, one member of the Phase Two staff (we will often be using gloves to handle), and yourself.

Mail Service/Courier Service (outgoing)

We will be continuing to use our front mail/courier cart.  We will now require you to drop off your outgoing mail and courier items on the cart in the correct location.

Your personal investment of your health and well-being:

We will do everything in our power to take the necessary actions to protect your health and re-instill your comfort and confidence while working again at Phase Two.

We must also stress the importance that you must also take a conscientious approach to your own personal health and well-being while at the space.

This includes, refraining from entering Phase Two if you are showing any signs of illness, continuing to observe safe distancing, washing your hands, wearing the proper protective masks and gloves when interacting in common areas, and sanitizing your workspace and disposal of your own office trash throughout the day.

We are on the constant lookout for innovative ways to enhance the health and safety profile within Phase Two.  If you have any ideas, please feel free to provide those ideas to us.  We are especially interested in “no touch” solutions
We look forward to working with you on a collective thoughtful and diligent approach as we all adjust to returning to operating our businesses once again.  Thank you.

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