The Global Hackathon

April 8 -9 (Los Angeles Convention Center)

The Global Hackathon will be in Los Angeles April 8 and 9, 2019 at the LA Convention. Come as an individual or bring a team! Start at 9:00am and be ready to innovate from 10:00am to 12:00am.

As part of TGH, you’ll be working with a range of students, professionals, and industry experts who share passion across these industries whom you will collaborate with to achieve success!

The Global Hackathon event will be hosted by OceanBound LLC and developers will be challenged with real problems that face society and the marketplace today. They will have the chance to pitch their unique solutions to influential industry professionals in the top blockchain protocols.


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Crypto Investor Summit (CIS)

April 9 -10 (Los Angeles Convention Center)

CIS is the leading conference & expo focused on blockchain technologies, entrepreneurs, investors and developers. An exclusive, curated, high-impact, informative and thought-provoking event presented by some of the world’s foremost innovators, change makers and prominent leaders in the blockchain ecosystem.

This is the preeminent crypto conference that cannot be missed – presented on four stages featuring insightful fireside chats with the most accomplished, powerful and astounding list of industry leaders and speakers.

Nothing compares to in-person meetings and networking with the top-tier business and technology leaders of the token-based ecosystem known as Blockchain and


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Showcas(ED) Presented by Ethereum Classic Labs

April 16

Showcas(ED) is the premier Blockchain investor series. The series brings together investors and startup founders to showcase the best projects and companies in the Blockchain space. Hear from UnVentures and Ethereum Classic Labs on the types of teams that they are excited about and the investments that they are making.

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DigitalLA Presents CBD Health

April 17

Our High Tech: Cannabis Tech and CBD Health event features experts in cannabis tech and CBD Health on two panels. We will discuss trends and best practice in digital tools in the discovery, online e-commerce, distribution and marketing of Cannabis Tech and CBD Tech. We will discuss being aware of always-changing regulations.

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How to Make Great 3DoF VR Projects & Distribute Them

April 23

Join Film 360/VR/MR and our honored guests for a night of learning, sharing and networking.

This event will focus on helping the VR filmmaking community understand the global VR audience, and how to distribute and monetize VR content online and offline.

Light snacks and refreshments will be provided.

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Culver City Biotech Mixer Presented by BCLA, Health 2.0, & Superlanet

April 25

The Culver City Biotech Mixer is presented to you by BCLA, Health 2.0, and Superlanet.

Don’t miss out the opportunity to learn more about Health 2.0 and Superlanet. Come network with fellow academics, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals over appetizers and drinks on September 6th at Phase Two Space in Culver city!

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BitAngels Los Angeles April Event

April 26 (Morning Event)

Join us for the BitAngels Los Angeles April Event at Phase Two.

BitAngels is a group of cryptocurrency investors helping to grow the blockchain ecosystem through community events spotlighting new companies. The brainchild of industry leader Michael Terpin, BitAngels launched in 2013 as the world’s first angel network for digital currency startups. This event will provide investors, entrepreneurs, and blockchain enthusiasts the opportunity to learn about new projects, including security token offerings. BitAngels Los Angeles is hosted at Phase Two, a coworking space for entrepreneurs and creators in tech, media, and entertainment.


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LA: IVY Genetics Masterclass with Jamie Metz

May 8

After 3.8 billion years humankind is about to start evolving by new rules. DNA is becoming as readable, writable, and hackable as our information technology. In this IVY Genetics Masterclass, renowned geopolitical expert and technology futurist Jamie Metzl will guide us through a groundbreaking exploration of the many ways genetic-engineering is shaking the core foundations of our lives: sex, death, love, and war. When we can engineer our future children, massively extend our lifespans, build life from scratch, and recreate the plant and animal world…should we?

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Television Academy Event

May 21

More Info Coming Soon!

Trilogy & UCLA

June 5

More Info Coming Soon!

Comic Pro Bootcamp

June 7 – 9

More Info Coming Soon!

PIHRA HR Talent & Tech Program

June 19

More Info Coming Soon!

Trilogy & USC

July 9

More Info Coming Soon!


BitAngels Los Angeles March Event

March 29 (Morning Event)

How to Change Careers: TECH FOR IMPACT!

March 28

Retail Tomorrow Presents: Influencer Marketing & Storytelling in Retail


Consensys Presents: Buy the Change You Want to See Book Launch in LA

March 20

Digital LA – Esports Expands

Feb 28

BitAngels Los Angeles Launch Event

Feb 22 (Breakfast Event)

AILA Presents: AI in Entertainment & Media

Feb 21

ConsenSys Presents: Radical Markets Co-Author, Glen Weyl

Feb 18

Culver City Tech Happy Hour

Feb 6

Private Event

Dec 12

Dutch Consulate AR/VR Event

Dec 6

USC Viterbi Data Analytics Project Demo Day

Dec 5

IVY Masterclass

Dec 4

New Tech Pitchfest

Nov 15

Lumo Labs x Investor Panel

Nov 14

Nexus Futurism Lab: Creating Culture and World Building

Nov 13


Nov 10 & 11

Rodeo Realty Presents: Buying A House With Bitcoin

Nov 8

Dia De Los Muertos: Toast for Media, Tech, & Entertainment

Nov 1

Beverly Hills Infinity Film Festival

Nov 1 -4

US MAC Pitch Event

Oct 30

Digital LA Presents Tales from the Cryptocurrency

Oct 29

1-Day Ethereum Developer Bootcamp

Oct 27

VRARA LA Presents – The Path to Funding

Oct 25

IVY Happiness Masterclass – Ingrid Fetell Lee

Oct 22

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Blockchain in LA: The History Comedy Hour Presented by Consensys

Oct 19

New Tech Pitchfest

Oct 18

An Evening with Volumetric Video Creators

Oct 17

Digital LA Presents: High Tech

Oct 9

State of Scale: Consensys, dApperNetwork, & SpankChain

Sept 22

AI LA: Blockchain & AI Discussion

Sept 20

You Got Data, Now Let’s Manage…Better!!! RFI, Email, Transfer w/ TonicDM

Sept 1

SoCal Biotech Mixer Presented by BCLA & JLABS

Sept 6

How to Change Careers: TECH FOR GOOD!

Aug 30

Consensys Blockchain Open House

Aug 29

Digital LA – VR Venues: Location Based Entertainment

Aug 29

Storytelling in Immersive Mediums by Fiona Rene

Aug 21

The Boot Camps at UCLA Extension Project Demo Day

Aug 16

Big Data Day LA

Aug 11 (Off-Site: USC Marshall)

Digital LA – Immersive Activations: Experiential Marketing Tech and Social Media

Aug 8 

Summer BIM Bash

Aug 1

10 Ways VR Will Reshape Education by Donald Dunbar

July 31

Future Party Presents: Not Another Blockchain Panel (It’s a Dinner)

July 25

Development on the Level | LOD Planner & BIM Track

July 25

Film 360/VR/MR: An Evening with Samsung VR Video

July 19

Tripp 1 Year Anniversary Party!

July 17

Experiential Learning with VR/AR by Marlon Fuentes

June 27

On Rethinking AEC | Present, Past and Future(s)

June 20

Thruline Entertainment

June 14

BioTech Connection LA: BCLA Summer Mixer

June 12

More Tacos & VR by Well Played Studios

June 7

A new AR headset : ooHar (out of home augmented reality)

May 31

Find a Developer – Startups Pitch for Engineers

May 30

MongoDB + GraphQL = VR/AR Magic

May 22

AI LA: Designing and Building Worlds

May 17

UCLA Extension: Project Demo Day

May 16

Expand The Web – Web XR & Web Speech

May 15

The VRARA After Party – May The 4th Be VR/AR

May 4

The VRARA After Party – May The 4th Be VR/AR

May 4

NEXUS Futurism Lab Salon on AI & Ethics

May 3

Digital LA – AR Panel: What’s Next?

April 30

CAREERS for Big Picture Thinkers: Panel Discussion and Interactive Talk

April 26

Future of Sports

April 25

Digital LA – Filmmakers: Making a Name for Yourself Online

April 24

Unlock Tomorrow’s Annual Fundraiser

April 7

Latest research on VR training and scale from Dr. Michael Casale of STRIVR

March 29

Culver City Chamber of Commerce Mixer

March 28

Change Careers: Panel Discussion + Interactive Group Discussion

March 15

Vive VR Event & Tacos!

March 7

How Tech Can Touch Us – Learn about Haptics Changing the AR/VR Landscape

March 1

Tinker & Build Maker BBQ

Feb 27

Launch! Steven Xu of HTC Vive

Feb 27

Introducing Prosper VR’s Rover Rig & 360 Tips and Tricks

Feb 21

An Evening of AR/VR with CTO Mixers and ARwall

January 31st

Change Careers – Get Unstuck – Part II

January 29th

Mixed Reality game design and coding and create your augmented reality exhibit

January 25th

Investing in Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

January 23rd

Change Careers – Get Unstuck – Part I

January 22nd

AI x VR x Blockchain x Data Meetup

January 18th

Culver City Tech: Kickoff 2018

January 11th

Understanding Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

January 9th

AR/VR/XR/Immersive/Gaming + AI Holiday Mixer Fun!

December 14th


December 12th

Learn It, Code it — Create a new Skill for the Amazon Alexa

December 9th

Software Engineering at Hyperloop One

November 28th

Using blockchain to fund and publish mixed reality games

November 16th

Launch Event

November 8th


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